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Savour the Carlo Rossi Wine: Guide

Carlo Rossi Wine is an iconic brand that has been providing wine lovers with affordable and delicious options for more than 45 years. Its distinct jug-like bottle makes Carlo Rossi synonymous with easy-drinking and enjoyable wine.

From rich and robust reds to crisp and refreshing whites and pink rosés, the brand has a diverse range of options to choose from, making it the perfect wine for any occasion.

The brand uses only the finest grapes and the latest winemaking techniques to create wines of outstanding quality. Carlo Rossi Wine is the perfect addition to any event from dinner parties to casual gatherings.

Get ready for a wine-filled journey exploring Carlo Rossi Wine’s origin, winemaking, perfect food pairings, and top wines!

What Is Carlo Rossi Wine?

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Discover the legacy of Carlo Rossi, the California-based wine brand hailed as the king of refreshment.

Named after the charismatic Charles “Carlo” Rossi, a charismatic sales representative for Gallo, this brand embodies the passion and drive of one man’s journey.

Charles joined the company in the 1950s and by 1962, he had helped launch the Red Mountain line of wines that took the world by storm.

As demand for Red Mountain skyrocketed, the brand underwent a transformation, reemerging as the unstoppable Carlo Rossi in the 1970s. Savor every sip of this wine, steeped in the legacy of a true visionary.

How Is Carlo Rossi Wine Made?

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Carlo Rossi wines are made from grapes sourced from various regions throughout California. The exact source of the grapes depends on the specific type of wine being produced, as well as the winemaker’s individual style and preferences.

For example, some Carlo Rossi wines may be made from grapes grown in the Central Valley, which is known for its warm, sunny climate and fertile soil that is ideal for grape cultivation.

Other Carlo Rossi wines may be made from grapes grown in the coastal regions of California, where the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean helps to create a more moderate climate that is ideal for growing grapes with bright, fresh flavors.

Regardless of the specific source of the grapes, Carlo Rossi wines are made from high-quality, carefully selected grapes that are chosen for their flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

Carlo Rossi wines are made with a blend of grape varieties like Zinfandel for bold, spicy wines, Chardonnay for crisp, refreshing whites, Cabernet Sauvignon for full-bodied reds with dark fruit flavors and tannins, and Merlot for smooth, velvety reds with dark fruit and soft tannins.

These are just a few of the grape varieties that may be used in Carlo Rossi wines. Ultimately, the exact blend used will depend on the specific type of wine being produced.

What Is The Food Pairing That Works Well With It?

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Pairing Carlo Rossi wines with your meal is a true art form. To make the perfect match, here are a few tips:

Zinfandel – Make this bold and spicy wine the star of your meal by serving it with grilled meats or spicy dishes like BBQ ribs or chili.

Chardonnay – Enhance your seafood experience with this crisp and refreshing wine, perfect with grilled or baked fish and lighter dishes like salads and roasted chicken.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Savor the full-bodied richness of this red wine, paired with hearty dishes like grilled or roasted beef, lamb, or game meats and rich, flavorful sauces and stews.

Merlot – Indulge in the smooth and velvety notes of this wine, ideal with grilled or roasted meats or milder dishes like mushrooms or roasted veggies.

The key to a successful pairing is matching the intensity and weight of the wine and food. By doing this, you’ll create a harmonious balance of flavors for an unforgettable dining experience!

What Is The Best Way To Consume It?

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Savor Carlo Rossi wines at their best temperature for optimal taste. White wines such as Chardonnay should be chilled, at 45-55°F. Red wines like Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are best slightly warmer, 60-65°F. Sparkling wines, like the Sparkling Blush, should be well chilled, around 45°F.

So, whether you’re enjoying a glass of Carlo Rossi Chardonnay with a seafood dish, or a Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon with a steak, be sure to serve it at the right temperature and with the right food.

What Is The Alcohol Percentage?

The alcohol percentage of Carlo Rossi wines can vary depending on the specific type of wine.

Generally, Carlo Rossi wines range from around 10% to 14% alcohol by volume (ABV).
For example, Carlo Rossi Chardonnay has an alcohol content of 11.5% ABV, while Carlo Rossi Zinfandel has an alcohol content of 12.5% ABV.

Top 10 Carlo Rossi Wines.

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1. Carlo Rossi Burgundy.

Indulge in the rich, full-bodied taste of Burgundy red wine. Delight in flavors of juicy red berries, a touch of spice, and a decadent finish of dark chocolate.

Perfect with classic Italian sauces and spicy Mexican cuisine for a tantalizing dining experience.

2. Carlo Rossi Sweet Red.

Indulge in a luscious and well-balanced sweet red wine! With bright red fruit and floral notes and a crisp finish, this wine is the perfect partner for cheese plates, sweet treats, and decadent desserts.

Savor its sweet yet not overpowering flavor with a slice of citrus, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a bite of dark chocolate.

3. Carlo Rossi Paisano.

This Carlo Rossi wine has a bright, fresh aroma with notes of juicy red fruits like cherries and raspberries. On the palate, the wine has a light to medium body with a smooth and crisp texture.

The taste is a balance of sweet and tart flavors, with hints of red fruits and a touch of spice. The finish is refreshing and clean, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of fruit.

Enjoy a glass of Carlo Rossi Paisano on a warm summer day or as a fun addition to a backyard barbecue.

4. Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon.

Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon wine is a rich and full-bodied delight for the senses! With a bold aroma of dark fruit and a hint of oak, it leads the way for a bold flavor experience.

Its deep ruby color is a sign of its smooth, velvety texture that rolls across your tongue, leaving notes of dark cherries and blackberries.

Every sip finishes with a hint of spices and a firm tannic structure that lingers long after the last drop. Enjoy this magnificent wine with a hearty steak, pork, or any dish with bold flavors.

5. Carlo Rossi Sangria.

The Carlo Rossi Sangria wine boasts a lively, fruity aroma that tantalizes the senses with hints of juicy oranges, lemons, and limes, along with a touch of sweetness.

On the palate, the wine is delightfully smooth with a medium-bodied texture and a sweet, juicy flavor that balances perfectly with the crisp acidity.

The wine is bursting with flavors of juicy citrus, peaches, and cherries, with a hint of spice and a touch of brandy. The finish is long and refreshing, making it the perfect drink for summer evenings or for sipping on a warm afternoon.

6. Carlo Rossi Chablis.

Savor the light, crisp taste of Chablis, a straw-hued semi-dry white with a clean finish and a delightful fragrance of ripe pear. Perfect with seafood, salads, and light pasta, it’s a delight in a glass.

7. Carlo Rossi White Zinfandel.

White Zinfandel is a light and refreshing rosé wine with a delicate pink color. On the palate, it has a sweet, fruity taste with notes of juicy strawberries and watermelon. The wine has a light body with a crisp finish that makes it the perfect choice for sipping on a warm summer day.

Its aromatic bouquet is accented by a hint of floral notes, making it an enjoyable wine for any occasion. Whether paired with spicy cuisine or a sweet dessert, White Zinfandel is sure to brighten up your meal.

8. Carlo Rossi Merlot.

Savor the rich berry flavors of Carlo Rossi Merlot, made from the finest California grapes.

This medium-bodied wine is perfect for any occasion, and its fruit flavors pair perfectly with meat, fish, and pasta. Indulge in a glass and make a lasting impression at your next gathering.

9. Carlo Rossi Moscato Sangria.

Indulge in the sweet and fruity bliss of Carlo Rossi Moscato Sangria, a delightful blend of Moscato wine, juicy oranges, peaches, and crisp apples.

Perfect for a chic soiree or intimate gathering, this wine pairs beautifully with fresh fruit platters, delectable cheeses, and delicate desserts.

10. Carlo Rossi Chianti.

Indulge yourself in the rich, bold flavor of Carlo Rossi Chianti. This full-bodied red wine offers a bold bouquet of juicy red fruits and a hint of spice, complemented by a smooth, velvety texture.

Its taste is bold and expressive, with ripe cherry and plum notes, a touch of spice, and a long, satisfying finish. Enjoy it with hearty Italian dishes, grilled meats, and bold cheeses.


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In conclusion, Carlo Rossi wine is the perfect choice for wine lovers who seek a delicious and affordable wine experience.

Whether you’re toasting with friends, enjoying a romantic dinner, or simply unwinding after a long day, Carlo Rossi wine has something to offer to everyone.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a bottle of Carlo Rossi today, and experience the rich history, bold flavors, and smooth finishes that have made Carlo Rossi a household name. Cheers!